April 14, 2021

Patrick Mouratoglou: Nadal always spent on the game much more power than Federer

Mentor American Serena Williams, a Frenchman Patrick Mouratoglou, spoke about his attitude to the Swiss Roger Federer and the Spaniard Rafael Nadal.

“For me, there is nothing surprising in the fact that during his career Roger faced a much smaller number of injuries than Rafa. Nadal always acts very actively, his style takes a lot of energy. Quite often he continued to go to court, already being injured. In addition Rafael always has a very full calendar. Of course, this manner brought him success, but she can significantly shorten his career. Federer has always spent significantly less energy on performances. He is very competent in the calendar and tries to minimize the risks. Thanks to this, his career continues to this day, “Tennis World quotes  Mouratoglou

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