April 18, 2021

Pat Cash: Roger Federer – a mistake of nature

Australian tennis player Pat Cash talked about his attitude to the Swiss Roger Federer.

“Usually, guys with a one-handed backhand need more time to deliver a good, powerful punch. For example, Denis Shapovalov is a rather slim guy, so it is difficult for him to penetrate powerfully. Federer is the same, but he ideally chooses the time to strike. It’s strange to compare with anyone, because Roger is a mistake of nature.
In a good way, of course.

Many guys with a one-handed backhand are moving away from the back line to give themselves more time. For example, Gasquet or Wawrinka, although Stan has enough strength. Or pay attention to Dominic Thiem: he has a cool backhand, but he stands farther away, so he takes the ball half a second later than he could. Roger does not have such a problem, “Pat Tennis World quotes.

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