April 19, 2021

Nikoloz Basilashvili: I used to sleep in tournaments in cars or tents

Georgian tennis player Nikoloz Basilashvili spoke about the early period of his career.

“I was wild. Not professional in my approach to tennis. I knew that I wanted to play well, but I was not able to perform at a high level. I simply did not have a plan. For a long time – two or three years – I was in the 100th place and I needed someone I could trust. There were cases when my father and I spent the night in the car for several weeks. Sometimes, we slept in the car and for a month – then I played in the junior tour.

At other times, we slept in tents with my father, speaking at tournaments. It was interesting in its own way. I trained in bad conditions and could not even find a sponsor, so I received Russian citizenship.

When I was 21, I practically started playing tennis from scratch, because I was depressed. All these things really make you realize that bad times are not in vain. This made me stronger and gave me strength and desire to play tennis at a high level, “the Tour press service quotes Basilashvili.

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