April 20, 2021

Nick Kyrgios: I can enter Top-10 quite well, but I don’t even think about it

Australian tennis player Nick Kirgios in an interview with the press service of the Australian Open shared his expectations from playing at the tournament.

– Rate your first opponent – Miloš Raonic.

– Of course, Milos is a very difficult opponent. We met at the “majors”, “Masters”, smaller competitions, so that we are perfectly familiar with the manner of playing each other. I am very glad that I will play in front of the Australian audience. It’s okay that I immediately got a difficult opponent. This will help to immediately enter the game rhythm.

– How do you feel?

– My health is all right. Yes, you all remember the story of how I was bitten by a spider. But now with this, everything is fine. The competitions in Brisbane did not work out the best way, but then I spent several fights in Sydney and Kuyong, so I have no problems with practice. I think I’m ready.

– At what place in the ranking can you finish the season?

– A lot of factors will influence this. The most important thing is to stay healthy. In addition, you need to regularly perform at tournaments. If with psychology and physical condition everything goes well, then the position can be quite high. I occupied the 13th place, playing in 18 tournaments. I think I can easily make it to the top ten. Of course, while I’m not there yet and prefer not to think about it. I want to enjoy the performance at home and be happy.

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