April 14, 2021

Nick Kyrgios: Andy, you will always be the person who made a huge impact on tennis

Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios responded to the statement by Andy Murray, which decided to finish career.

“Andy, I understand that you most likely perceive me as a clown, but listen, please, friend. You will always be the person who had a great influence on our sport. I am sure you would like to leave differently, but you have your shoulders in any case will be an amazing career. As soon as I started to play in the Tour, you began to patronize me, and you still remain the person I always love to see. You’re a great player, much better than me. On this day, not only you and your team are sad, but the entire tennis community and the people you have influenced. Yes, and I in particular. Be sure everyone wants you to continue the struggle and remain yourself. Good luck on the Australian Open, I will definitely support you, “- wrote Kyrgios in his Instagram.

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