April 17, 2021

Milos Raonic: Don't mind exaggerating your statistics.

Canadian tennis player Milos Raonic shared his impressions of the fourth round of the Australian Open.

Did you have a day off yesterday?

– Yes.

If there is another tomorrow, let’s meet, have some coffee?

– Only for this reason I will not take the day off tomorrow. I’ll spend five hours on the court.

What did you do yesterday? What are you planning to do tomorrow?

– I tried to sleep a bit longer, I watched a movie. I went to the gym for an hour and a half. I did some things. I thought that I did not need to go to the court. In addition, this is not the way people imagine: you just come and train for an hour. In fact, you need to come in an hour and a half, warm up, then huddle. In the end, you spend three hours on it. I decided to engage in these. Just drank more, ate well, recovered.

A question on statistics. Today you have 51 winners, 12 unforced errors, and that’s great. But 23 of 51 winners are aces. Should Aces be considered Winners?

– I think yes. If you hit, and the opponent has not touched the ball, then this is a winners.

And you do not accidentally biased?

– I always try to inflate my statistics (smiles).

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