May 11, 2021

Matt Cronin: Soon Sobolenko will play in the final “Slam”.

American tennis expert Matt Cronin spoke about his attitude to Belarus, Arina Sobolenko. “20-year-old Arina is moving forward very fast. At the start of the year, only a few outside Eastern Europe knew her name at all, but since the summer she has been followed very closely. Belarus won Wozniacki in Montreal, and in Cincinnati, Conte, Plishkova, Garcia and Keyes did not leave any chances. Arina won New Haven, and in New York she almost coped with Osaka. Sobolenko powerfully beats and copes well with the power of rivals, confidently moving around the court. This allowed her to take the title in Wuhan, defeating several strong rivals along the way. If she has no health problems, she will continue to dominate at the expense of speed, intelligence and confidence. No doubt, soon Sobolenko will play in the final of “Slam”, she has everything for that, ”Tennis Reporters quotes Matt.

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