June 23, 2021

Mats Wilander: Murray may not return after the second hip surgery

The former first racket of the world, Swede Mats Wilander, doubts the successful return of the British Andy Murray to the Tour after the second hip operation.

“Murray may not return after the second operation. Now the game passes him. He will not be able to start playing at a high level, as he did before. But his opponents continue to train , but there will be many days when he will feel defeated. I know this. Even Djokovic and Federer felt this last year. Djokovic was very depressed in matches with Zverev and Khachanov in London and Paris. If Murray returns, he will need to change the way he plays. For example, Federer and Nadal began to act more aggressively, it became part of their evolution, “- quoted Wilander Tennis365.

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