June 19, 2021

Marta Kostyuk : Goals for the season? I have not looked so far

16-year-old Ukrainian Marta Kostyuk shared her opinion about her career.

“I don’t know how you see my result in the Professional Tour, but for me it’s not bad. I didn’t expect myself to play in the third round of the Australian Open every year. My life is not just tennis, and, unfortunately, now I have a very difficult period outside of tennis.

Goals for the season? I have not looked so far. I just try to live day by day and not expect anything from myself. I don’t say that I don’t do anything. I train a lot. Sooner or later it will give I’m not in control of the result, I’m doing everything I can and I’m waiting. Therefore, I can’t imagine . He put I can this season to finish 800th, and the next -.. In the top 50, or in this become the 100 th and the following show the same result I do not know, there is no plan “- quoted Kostyuk XSport.ua

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