April 19, 2021

Marin Cilic: Federer should thank my wife for the title of Australian Open

Croatian tennis player Marin Cilic said that he trained with Federer last December. “After a difficult season, my wife and I flew to the Maldives. Christina said that we would train every day. I taught her to play.” A couple of days later Federer called me. He learned that I was in the Maldives and offered to play. Right the next day. I agreed, why not? The wife was not pleased, but allowed. The training was quite simple, but I liked it, because we played in a real forest. The next day, Roger called again. And my wife said: “Roger, you do not have to play so long, and my career is just beginning, so I also need to practice.” Roger replied: “I can stretch Marina so that he is ready for your match.” So after we returned from vacation, she won a few matches. I think Roger should thank my wife for letting him play with me, and our training was the beginning of a big triumph in Australia, “Marina Tennis World quotes.

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