March 7, 2021

Maria Sharapova: Usually Wozniacki took long jokes, but not today

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova commented on the victory over Danish Caroline Wozniacki in Melbourne.

– I waited a lot for this match and noticed it, even when the net just came out. As one would expect, the struggle was endurance. I played the long jokes well, pressed it. Many years ago, they usually won them, but today most of them went to me.

In the first set you were inferior 1/4. How did you tune in to the next game, that the course of the game after that changed so drastically?

– I did not think that the score was 4/1. According to my feelings, I imposed a struggle on her from the very beginning. In the first game I had three break points, I pressed on it. In this 4/1 was one of my lost feed in the game, which I spoiled myself. Returning from such an account is not easy, but in the course of the game I did not think about it.

She criticized you a lot when you returned from disqualification. Does this add to your enjoyment of victory?

– I just love to win. I am glad and proud of how I struggled today, and because I am in the fourth round. Only that matters.

You haven’t had enough matches lately. How does it feel to meet the top players so early and show your best tennis already in the early stages of the tournament?

– Well, in this position I am. When you are 30th or 31st – otherwise it does not happen. I played with Halep in the first round when I was not seeded. This is normal, I am not alone. Everyone should make their own way. But in general, what does “mesh simpler” mean? It does not happen. I understand that you put the result above all, but behind the results there are always stories that are much deeper than ordinary headings. I respect important stories, because this is a business, and they are sold, but at the same time there are stories in our sport that are more important than just winning and losing.

Amanda Anisimova said here that you are the idol of her childhood. You have a common agent. Did you somehow intersect with her, talk, see how she played?

– Especially do not overlap – except at the wedding agent. But the wedding was short, so everything ended quickly. I respect her because she is very young, but she already has a game, which she demonstrates here. I think she has a great future.

You won everything in tennis. What motivates you to fight for the next “Slam”?

– I talked a lot about motivation, but I think that the most important thing is this feeling that you are getting better, you add. I am convinced that your work and efforts – regardless of the sphere – will always make themselves known sooner or later. In my career and life has always been this way. This does not always happen quickly, but when you plow and understand what you are doing, in the end it will always bring results.

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