May 14, 2021

Maria Sharapova: My form is still far from perfect

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova shared her impressions of her in the first round of the Australian Open.

“This fight has become a good test for me, my legs and my shoulder. Everyone knows that I have had problems with my shoulder over the past twelve months. It is because of this that I finished the season right after the US Open. I’m still not in the best shape. Some days the shoulder hurts.

However, today I still did my best to win. At the start of the “major” does not really matter who you are opposed to. Last season at Wimbledon, I also met with an athlete from the qualification. Then I didn’t get close to my maximum, and my rival took advantage of that. We must try to constantly add. This is my main goal. I tried not to lose concentration and maintain a high pace. It is very easy to lose vigilance when the match goes according to your scenario, you practically make no mistakes and do everything right. I still like what I do. Nice to see the results of their work. Thanks to hard work, I achieved success.

Of course, not always the fruits of your work are immediately visible. It happens that several years have to pass, but hard work is always rewarded, ”the WTA press service quotes Maria.

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