April 18, 2021

Maria Sharapova: It's hard to say something right after such a fight

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova shared her impressions of the in the third round of the Australian Open.

“It’s hard to say something right after such a fight, when emotions are overwhelming you. I’m glad that I was able to show a high level of tennis in a match with such a strong rival as Caroline. I understood that she would do her best to win. However, I had an identical mood, and I finally managed to win.

How did the roof closing affect the meeting?Probably, it definitely affected, since from that moment I was inferior to 0/3. Perhaps the air was different, and the ball bounce has changed. Indoors Wozniacki play a lot easier, but I managed to get together. I lost some concentration after the emotional ending of the starting game. It is for the sake of such fights, I work hard in training. Caroline is a reigning champion and loves to perform at this stadium. I think the audience should have liked this match. Of course, experience helps me. Not that I always went and focused on this, it would be wrong. In this regard, the ability to work and go to the goal is more valuable, and not only you, but also your rivals have experience.

Familiar with Ashleigh’s story. She is an amazing athlete. She likes to play at home. Barty shows excellent results after returning to the Tour. Obviously, in this meeting the public will be opposed to me, but I am ready for this, “said Sharapova in an interview on the court.

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