April 19, 2021
Maria sharapova

photo: justjared.com

Maria Sharapova: I have enough motivation to continue playing

Russian Maria Sharapova spoke about her tennis motivation.

“I love what I do in life. This is evident when I go to court and can compete. I enjoy every moment of the game.

On the other hand, I have many goals that are related to life after tennis. However, now I have enough motivation and fire inside to continue. Every morning I want to get dressed as soon as possible and start training to become better.

In my youth, I did not think that I would continue to play after 30 years. But you will never guess how your life will turn out.

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You can go in for sports as long as you want it. You need to look for the right balance. Personally, I fell in love with tennis as a child. I have a motivation to continue playing, “The National quoted Sharapova as saying.


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