May 10, 2021
Marat Safin


Marat Safin: I don’t want to change my precious moments of life to candy wrappers.

The former first racket of the world Marat Safin in an interview with told what he does after his career.

What do you do? You do not have a job like ordinary people.
– No, there is no such work. There are things that I do to earn money. But I was lucky that I did not need to sit every day in the office.

And some activity, besides contemplating the world, is enthusiastic in you?
– And what can cause more enthusiasm than the contemplation of the world? The life I lead now suits me. Let’s see what happens next. There’s nowhere to hurry. To do something just for the sake of money there is no desire. I do not want to change my precious moments of life to candy wrappers. For what? Buy a new apartment? A car?

– Money is freedom.
– Well, do not say: for some, freedom, for some – a prison. Many rich people go to the psychologist every week, and how many problems they have in their families. Each has its own relationship with money: one they help, the other demolish the mind. There is no single formula. Someone 10 thousand squares are not enough, and it’s funny when adult uncles collect candy wrappers and think that they can take them with them to another world. And I have freedom

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