April 18, 2021

Lucas Puille: Ameli always has a relaxed atmosphere in training

French tennis player Lucas Puille, who became the semifinalist of the Australian Open, shared his memories of last season and also spoke about cooperation with Amelie Mauresmo.

– Last season, you said that you do not enjoy tennis. Tell us how you handled it?

– Apparently, this happens. I have been playing tennis for 16 years, but this happened for the first time: I really lost the joy of being on the court, the desire to train and play at tournaments. It is difficult to say why this happened. When you lose a few fights in a row, confidence is lost. And it is very difficult to return it when the process itself does not bring you pleasure.

I began to analyze my career, to think about what I want. I understood that I still have ten more speeches ahead. Do I want to hold them like this, or do I want to get joy from them? Rejoice that I play in the largest arenas of the world, that millions of viewers are watching me? Apparently, you need to make an effort to get it all back. Do not do what you do not want. But gradually the desire to work returned.

– You said that a mentor should have a good character. Tell us what you like about Amelie’s character?

– She always wants to work. During training sessions she concentrates on every little thing. At the same time she is always in high spirits. During breaks, we can laugh, and this makes the atmosphere of training easy.

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