May 14, 2021

Lesia Tsurenko: I decided to keep my leg

Ukrainian tennis player Lesia Tsurenko in an interview with the “Big Tennis of Ukraine” told about herself.

– Lesia, the first question – how is your leg? Are there any consequences of yesterday’s damage?

– There is a slight damage, but it is small and, clearly, everything will be fine soon.

– Yesterday after the match with Pliskova, you said that you do not know what happened with the score 5/4. A day after the match made a deeper analysis of the fight for yourself?

– Still, I have not completely come to my senses and so far we are not even trying to discuss this match. My condition is not quite good yet, while I am still very upset. But at the same time I can not say that something happened to me, they say, I thought about the victory. No, my condition was even throughout the match. I can say for sure that Karolina very much raised her level, and I just stopped keeping up with her.

– The tournament in Brisbane turned out to be very bright for you. Before the finals you did not lose a single set. Surely won the fifth racket of the world. In the final was in two balls from victory. There was the very confidence that, as you said, you sometimes lacked?

– Definitely, this is a good start to the season: four great victories. Starting from the first round, the result was already pleasant, because I, too, lost to Buzarnescu before that twice. The semi-final was at a high level, a good match. And in the final I can not say that I played badly. Almost kept this level, unfortunately, it was not possible to press. But I’m already trying to switch to positive thinking after this match, and I think this result in the tournament will be useful for my self-confidence.

– The off-season passed in Rome and we saw in your social networks how diverse your workouts were. Satisfied with the training?

– Yes, I’m happy. Indeed, there were different trainings, not everything manages to be put on the social network. Of course, I would like to spend the off-season in Kiev, but this time it was necessary to go to Rome. We lived on the outskirts of the city and it was reminiscent of the sanatorium conditions with fresh air, excellent food and a very good atmosphere. – Adriano Albanesi did not immediately appear in Brisbane, but now he is with you. This season you plan that he will be more in tournaments, since you said that he may not travel very far very often.

This year it will be approximately the same number of weeks with me, as in the past year, will be in major tournaments. – Lesya, today you rose to the Top 25 for the first time and became only the fourth Ukrainian who could do it. What are your main goals for the season for yourself?

– The first small goal is to get to the Top-20, and for the year I set a pretty good goal – this is Top-10. To do this, you will need to seriously work and show consistently high results.

– Yesterday it became known that you will miss Sydney. Are you already going to Melbourne? Outlined some features in preparing for the helmet this season?

– I’m already in Melbourne. As for the performance in Sydney, I decided to keep my leg in order to be in optimal shape for the Australian Open. The plans for today – rest, and then begin to do the exercises for the foot and slowly return to the court. In the near future, I hope I can come back. I played a lot of matches in Brisbane to feel myself in the game moments. So, there will be regular training, plus a lot of games on the bill with different tennis players.

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