May 18, 2021
Kim Clijsters


Kim Clijsters: I just wanna play tennis

Belgian Kim Clijsters commented on her decision to return to Tours after a seven-year hiatus.

“Maybe I won’t win a single game. But I’ll definitely try my best. Older people said:“ This is so great. You can’t imagine what this means to me. “I was shocked by the reaction.

The children and I were on the beach and a woman ran past us. A few minutes later she returned and said:” I didn’t want to bother you, but I must say that you inspire me. “This is very touching. Such a relationship with strangers causes a lot of emotions.

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When I made the announcement, I was worried, is it worth it to attract so much attention? But I was given a lot of advice on how Roger Federer and other family athletes deal with this. I like ordinary life. But when the news of my return appeared, the television people came to my children at school.

Then I thought: “I hope this all passes quickly and our life will not change.” I just want to play tennis and try to do it again at a high level.

Everything will not be the same as before. I will not play many tournaments, children will ride less with me. I will need to choose tournaments wisely. I know that all this will last two, three, four years, if I can do without injuries. I need to determine how much time I need between the tournaments, how much I can spend without a break, “The Age quotes Clijsters.

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