June 19, 2021

Karolina Pliskova: Many tennis players decline after major success, but this is not about Osaka

Czech Karolina Pliskova remembered the moment when she became the first racket of the world and commented on the success of the Japanese Naomi Osaka.

“It was unusual for me only in the first or second match, then everything returns to normal. You can get used to everything, for example, in the debut in the Top-10, but it takes time.

It seems to me that Osaka will not have any problems. She won two Grand Slam tournaments in a row. This will give her incredible self-confidence. She has no reason to panic, even in Japan, she is under enormous pressure. I think that she can cope with it and achieve even greater success on the court. We know a lot of examples when, after a major success with tennis players, there was a recession. However, after the debut trophy on the “Slam” Naomi won the second. So this is definitely not about her, “quotes the words of Pliskova Tennis World USA.

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