April 20, 2021

Karen Khachanov: Now I am self-sufficient

The Russian tennis player Karen Khachanov in the framework of the program “Melting Ice”, which is being released on the TV channel “Match TV”, told about himself.

About superstitions

– I’m a little superstitious, quite a bit. In the locker room, for example, I choose a locker with my favorite number. If he is busy? I sit down (laughs). I choose the second favorite number. If he is busy? Nothing wrong.

About emotions

– I made certain conclusions in this regard. If you look at the top players, it is noticeable that they are holding back their emotions. Probably, I showed them too much.

About preparing for matches

– The main thing is to have a good breakfast. If the match is in the evening? Then the main thing is to have a good breakfast, lunch and perhaps dinner. I have no rituals in preparation. But in the evenings play harder. You need to do something all day, but not exhausted and relax. Spend some time in the room. I read, I look … Then I go to the court and warm up.

About Federer

– If he has no injuries, and he continues to win, why should he finish? When he is dissatisfied with himself, and many young people will begin to beat him, I hope, it will be a completely different question. A similar story with other tops. In my opinion, a lot depends on when young tennis players start to consistently win them. God forbid, it will be soon.

About money

-Parents under the age of 14 paid for everything in tennis for me. Then my uncle said that he would sponsor me if I entered the Top 3 in Russia. And from 13 years old and up to 2016, he sponsored everything, helped. Everyone knows that tennis is an expensive sport. I am grateful to my uncle. Now I am self-sufficient, let’s say. We had an agreement in words, and I returned everything until the end of 2016. Thanks to him for his help, without him it would be difficult to get out.

About 2019

– It is necessary to continue in the same spirit. The main thing is to play stably at big tournaments. Pass, win. Just getting better, both player and human. If there is work – the results will come. I do not like all these numbers in the rating, such as “I want to finish the year in fifth.” I want to finish first – if this is global. More “close” goals are to play consistently at major tournaments.

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