April 20, 2021
Karen Khachanov

Karen Khachanov photo: twitter.com/karenkhachanov

Karen Khachanov: I have never had a nutritionist and a special diet

Russian tennis player Karen Khachanov spoke about his daily routine.

“I train all day. In the morning, warm up in the gym before tennis training. Then two hours on the court, lunch, rest, then another one and a half to two hours of tennis and another lesson in the gym. This is the schedule for the first two weeks. Then a little I slow down and start spending more time on the court. The schedule for the year varies depending on whether the training or tournament periods are on average 4-5 training hours per day.

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I have never had a nutritionist or a special diet. But I try not to eat in the evening, to eat less sweets and carbohydrates. It is put off, causing excess weight. Much depends on how intense the day was, how many calories I spent. If I really want to, I can eat dessert. But if there is no training and few calories are burned, but I eat everything in a row, then I can immediately add a couple of extra pounds. Nobody limits me in nutrition, I follow my diet myself.

Fundamentally abandoned the fish. I’m allergic to it. I do not like cottage cheese, dairy products. I prefer protein: meat dishes, steaks. I love Asian cuisine, Caucasian. And, of course, what the wife is cooking, “RBC quotes Khachanov.


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