May 19, 2021

Karen Khachanov: I decided to play the old racket for now

Russian tennis player Karen Khachanov, after reaching the quarterfinals of the tournament in Indian Wells, spoke about his racket.

“I played the racket Head for 7 years – from 12 to 19. Then I switched to Wilson for three years. The contract with them ended, and I wanted to try other options, see if I couldn’t add with another racket. About three months, including off-season, I tried Head. In Indian Wells I play with an old racket to compare again. I still haven’t decided, and you see that there is no Wilson logo on the strings. I know what level I can go with this racket. But I try different options. In one case, I had more control, but I lost power, in other cases it was the opposite. These are minor details, but they are very important at this level, “the Tour press service quotes Khachanov.

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