June 19, 2021

Judy Murray: My sons have talent, but he needed to be taken to a new level

British mother Andy and Jamie Murray Judy spoke about the reasons for the success of their sons. “Undoubtedly, my sons have talent, but they still need to be sent in the right direction and brought to a new level, it is hard work. You need to develop the right attitude to tennis, learn to cope with the pain that Andy has been doing for many years. Heat and severe conditions are a challenge, especially for athletes from countries like Scotland, where the climate is much colder. Not everyone will cope with this, but Andy succeeded, so he achieved such success. It all starts at the age of 15-16, when you need to responsibly relate to what you used to consider just a hobby. Not everyone is ready for this. 35 weeks a year you are on the road, which means that you do not see your family and friends. This is a big sacrifice, so you need to love tennis very much in order to go for it, “quotes Judy Tennis 365.

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