May 14, 2021

John McEnroy: Murray has lost the last year and a half

Former first racket of the world, John McEnroy, shared his opinion on the future career of the British Andy Murray.

“It seems to me that at the Australian Open, Andy will not set himself any global goals, but will simply try to go as far as possible. He needs to play as many matches as possible without experiencing any pain. Of course, there is a huge difference between a three-set match and a meeting of five games. If Murray again has health problems, he is unlikely to stay in Melbourne for long. Andy has lost the last year and a half, and this is the heyday of a player. Of course, he is grieved by this fact. However, I would be very surprised if he had not made any attempts to return to the former level. Everyone wants to leave on his own terms, “McEnroy said to Reuters.

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