May 18, 2021

John Isner: Now I can not step on my foot

American John Isner confirmed a compression fracture of the foot and spoke about the rehabilitation, which he undergoes at home with his wife and daughter.

“Fatherhood helps me to get distracted. Now I fed my daughter sitting on the couch. I almost can’t walk, but life is still beautiful. In my opinion, I was lucky, because it could happen in the second match of the tournament, then I would have lost or starred. But I managed to reach the final. Of course, I would like to play better in a decisive bout, but I confronted the best tennis player of all time.

Supposedly, I will be back on the court at a tournament in Madrid. I will not have a game practice, but the memories of success in Miami will give me confidence. In the final, it was painful for me to step on my left foot while applying and any other movements. You can’t hide from her. Now I can not step on it, then it will heal faster. For me it is unusual because with previous injuries I did the exercises, but now it does not help.

In recent years, I used to be healthy. Fortunately, now is not the most unfortunate segment of the season to interrupt performances. However, I used to be active, but now I can not do anything. Let’s see how it goes. I usually recovered fairly quickly. Of course, I understand that such an injury will not work in a week, but I am ready to wait, ”the ATP press service quoted Isner as saying.

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