April 19, 2021

John Isner: Now high tennis players succeed, and I among them

American John Isner spoke about the dominant role of his daughter in his life, as well as the advantages of high growth in tennis. “Of course, my daughter is in the first place for me, but I shouldn’t forget about my career. When she grows up, I can take her to tournaments with me, then I don’t have to change the calendar. As for high growth, it helps when serving, which is my main weapon. However, he has his own minutes: the court seems tougher, you cannot attack some balls. Nevertheless, high tennis players are now succeeding, and I am among them. Before starting my professional career, I wanted to be a television reporter to talk about sports events. And I did not leave this idea.  But now I need to build a career, because I’m still waiting for more than one year of performances, “- quotes Isner Tennis World USA.

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