April 23, 2021

Janko Tipsarevic: fight with difficulties is normal, there is nothing outstanding in it

Serbian tennis player Janko Tipsarevic told about his condition.

“I’m incredibly happy that my daughter Emily was able to see my victory in Miami, because her dad’s life had something to do with her legs: either an operation, crutches, or she could barely walk. She knew that dad used to play tennis, but I never saw it. So now I am very happy that she watched the whole match sitting on the podium next to my wife. It was very hard to return to the court. I realize that there are more terrible things in life, but all the same for me and It was a very difficult period for my family. Fortunately, perseverance and my motto personally and my academy helped: never let th hands. And here I am again on Tour.

In ten years, how good I was at tennis will not matter. I believe that life is going forward, and you should not dwell on what you once achieved there. In the team types they say that the team is as strong as its last player is strong. Of course, I am pleased that I spent two years in the Top 10, went far on the “Slams”. It gives confidence. But not only that is important, but also the fact that I never gave up, and the latter quality helps not only in my career, but also in life. I am very happy to be here again. But I do not consider my return something outstanding. Yes, it was not easy. On the contrary, it was very difficult, but for me this is the norm. I do not think that getting up at six in the morning, or undergoing rehabilitation, or working hard is something out of the ordinary. Right habits shape life. My goal is to play next year, but I don’t know yet if I can. Even if not, I will stay in tennis, train and come to tournaments. But for my daughter it will not be the same as seeing her dad play by himself. Now, of course, she does not realize this, but I hope she will remember this day, “the Tour press service quotes Yanko.

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