June 24, 2021

Grigor Dimitrov: Well, and it happens

Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov commented on the fourth round defeat of the Australian Open.

– The result is obvious. But it is strange. I can’t even find the words now. I must pay tribute to Francis. He fought well, played well. Attacked, in many games was on the verge, but took advantage of the situation.

You are friends with him, hugged the net. What did you tell him?

– I’m a man of honor. When they beat me, you need to take it. This is also the first time for him. It is necessary to appreciate, move on. At each tournament, we all want to win. I wished him luck, moving in the same direction.

Any of the draws on the second set tie-break stand out in particular?

– Yes, there were a few balls. And in general, in many cases, I understand what I did wrong. I did not manage to execute blows which were very necessary. Especially in the tiebreaker. I added, but he had all the answers for him, the cable helped him, he got into the lines.

Everything was in his favor. I can fight, but the cable and lines in important moments can not control. I fought at maximum capacity. In some moments, just could punch better. But in the game it happens sometimes.

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