April 17, 2021

Grigor Dimitrov: I like Agassi to criticize me

Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov appreciated his game on the Australian Open.

– Then I will meet with Tiafoe. He plays well, especially at the beginning of the season. So he, of course, will be dangerous. For him, this is a new situation. So I do not expect a simple match.

Tell us about the collaboration with Agassi.

– For me, the important thing is simply that he gives me time. This is the most valuable. I learn a lot from him. Andre saw everything and knows everything. And he understands me in terms of what I feel during the match. In general, everything is great. Tomorrow is a new day and a new workout.

I have never seen anyone switch so quickly from talking about the business of tennis. He is an incredible crazy person. Andre is not afraid to express his opinion, and the whole team appreciates this very much. Especially me, because I have always been pretty straightforward. I appreciate being praised. But at the same time, I like constructive criticism.

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