April 21, 2021
Gilles Simon

Gilles Simon photo:twitter.com/ParisMatch/

Gilles Simon: Can’t repeat Federer’s style, he’s unique

French tennis player Gilles Simon, recently played in a competition in Sofia, where he reached the stage P16, losing to John Milman in three sets. It should be noted that it was 17 defeats of the Frenchman this season.

In an interview with Tennis World USA, Gilles Simon said that in France, many tennis players are trying to imitate Roger Federer.

“We do not have another role model, because young people grew up in Federer’s matches. But we completely forget that you can not repeat his style, he is unique. We have potential champions of junior “Slams” in our country, but coaches don’t encourage them to go their own way, they make them do something that doesn’t suit them.


I know what I’m talking about because I grew up with a clear picture of how a champion of “Roland Garros” should play. It was horrible and took a lot of energy because I was required to do something that I couldn’t do.” -said Gilles.

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