April 18, 2021

Garbine Muguruza: I hope that I will not finish the matches at four in the morning

Spanish tennis player Garbine Muguruza commented on the fourth round of the Australian Open.

– Is it so early to finish the match?

– Yes. I was asked about this on the court. Apparently, today is an ordinary day, although I played in the evening. But to finish at four o’clock is not normal. No other sport plays so late. It was very strange.

– What was harder to recover from that match or prepare for it?

– These are pretty similar things. I went to bed at around five o’clock, so the regime is already shot down. You do not know what to do the next day, because you wake up very late, still tired. In the end, it hit me the whole system. But I tried as best as possible to cope with the situation. Today I am happy with everything. I finished, I can rest and recover.

What time did you get up?

– In area 11. I slept not very long. And in general it was strange, I constantly woke up. I won. I survived it. I hope this will not happen again (smiles).

Do you have more energy in the evening or in the morning?

– Probably in the morning. You wake up, do all the work, then you can relax. But I’m ready for the fact that this will not work. I have already got used to play in the morning, in the evening, at any time.

You had to change the plan for the day between matches?

– Yes. I did not play. I woke up late and focused on other things. I rested for a while, worked with a physiotherapist, started recovering, because I knew that there would be a fight today. I decided that in a few hours I would not forget how to play tennis, so recovery was more important.

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