June 18, 2021

Francis Tiafoe: Glad It's All Over

American tennis player Francis Tiafoe has commented on the defeat against Spaniard Rafael Nadal in Melbourne.

– It was very hard. He is too powerful a player. The court is very slow, so it was difficult for me to pierce it. In the beginning, I beat a lot out in length because I tried too hard. For some time I caught a good rhythm, but Rafa is very hard, and he was disturbing me all the time.

You immediately lost the pitch at the beginning of each set.

– There was a time when the score was 2/3 or 3/4 in the second set, when I had a couple of break points. He stopped to pass the first serve. I could make a break and fight there. But it was too hard. When you play with such a person and you cannot even keep your pitch, it becomes difficult. Besides, everything hurt me. So I’m glad it’s over.

What surprised you in Rafa?

– I knew what he would show. He knew that he would play at a crazy speed and that the ball would be jumping high. If you give him a beat with the forehand, he will make winners. But I have never seen anyone so involved in every rally. This need to learn from him. Recently, I, too, became more sensible. Of course, not like him. You yourself have seen it today.

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