May 14, 2021

Felix Auger: I work for high results

Canadian tennis player Felix Auger spoke about his career.

“My dad contacted me the other day and said:“ I have three tips for you: keep working hard, stay the same person as before, and find a school.

”He wants me to go back to school, so I have to Now find options with online training. I am lucky that there are wonderful people around me. They always say the right things and help move in the right direction. I never expected to go to such a level so early. This has always been a dream of mine, but a few months ago I tried to get into the Top 100 and, perhaps, thought about the Top 50 for the year. I’m already in the Top 30, and this is great. However, for the sake of this result, I did a great job. Now I just enjoy it “, – quotes the Auger press service of the Tour.

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