April 19, 2021
fabio fognini

photo: twitter.com/atptour

Fabio Fognini – on the fight against coronavirus: Together we can do it!

The Italian Fabio Fognini expressed his opinion on the fight against coronavirus.

“I am from Taji, from Liguria, from Italy. I love the region in which I was born and raised. I love my country and I am proud to appear under its flag. There are very persistent people who can overcome difficulties.

I am also from Barcelona, ​​because at the age of 18 this city accepted me. There I found a wife, now we have a wonderful family.

I am a man of peace, because every week we travel from country to country. We are all alike and we all want to defeat this damned enemy who burst into our lives. And even though we are far apart, we are held together by responsibility and hope. Together we can handle it! Now the whole world is taking an example from us. Each of us can contribute by staying at home, ”Fognini wrote on his Instagram page.

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