May 14, 2021
fabio fognini

Fabio Fognini: Not sure if I’ll ever go to Asia again

Italian Fabio Fognini spoke about the situation in Tours in an interview with Corriere.

– Now I can not imagine the resumption of the Tour. To be honest, I’m not sure that I will ever go to Asia again, although there are many tournaments that bring good points. This year, I would not go to the Olympics in Tokyo. And it’s not even that I can become infected, but that I’m afraid to transmit this virus to my family.

I think in 2020 we will no longer go to court, because not a single director of the tournament will take on such responsibility. Of course, the economy is one thing, but I have to be sure of 110% security. I am ready to lose money and points.

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– Football matches they want to resume, no matter what …
– I think they are crazy. Thousands of people die, how can you think about football? They chase money without thinking about people’s health. And what’s the point of playing without spectators?

– Thought what you would do when you left the sport?
– Flavia and I recently talked about this. The current situation prompts thoughts. I definitely don’t want to be a coach or have my own school. I would prefer to become a breeder, the owner of the agency. I follow the young, talented guys. This is interesting to me.


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