April 18, 2021

Elina Svitolina: Tennis is not the main thing

Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina commented on the exit in the fourth round of the Australian Open.

“We both fought today not for life, but for death.” Left on the court all the forces. It was really hot. Yesterday I watched the forecast – there was no more than 20 degrees, so I did not expect such heat.

On the court after the match, you said you wanted to win or die? How close were you to death?

– Pretty close. It was really hot. But in such situations, I always think: my rival is exactly in the same position. She is just as hot, she runs the same amount of time as me. So I think that I am not alone in this hell .. For the sake of such moments, I train and always believe in my physical abilities.

It is not often after a match you can see a player on the bench of another. Why did you decide to go to Shuai?

– I think that a match is just a match. Everyone wants to win it, but when it is over, everything. She is a very nice girl. She and I played Tie Break Tens, it was fun. Sometimes we train. On tennis, the light did not come together. It is very important to remain human, to show kindness and openness. For me it was not something special – to approach her. When someone is bad or sad, you need to support him. Tennis is not the main thing.

Who in the end was more nervous: you or Gael?

“I think we both have been in such situations more than once, so both were pretty calm.”

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