May 14, 2021

Elina Svitolina: Monfils helped me get better

Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina commented on the release in the US Open quarterfinal.

“I performed very well. I played stably from the beginning of the match until the end. I felt physically cool, and this, of course, helps. It was nice to play in front of a full stadium.

 New York night games are special. And to win is very cool. I understand that it served well and varied the speed and direction of feed. At key moments, I was not mistaken, so I began to act more aggressively.

Perhaps Keys was not up to par, not so cool to accept. But I was good too. I’m glad that I will play for the first time in the US Open quarter-finals. I always performed well here, but I didn’t get that far. Wimbledon helped in the sense that due to injuries I lost confidence in my physical fitness. And Wimbledon added confidence in the work of the legs. And overall it was an amazing tournament.

Training with Monfils helped improve the reaction and work of the legs, I became faster because the ball flies very flat and hard from him. It may not seem so from the outside, but it flies very powerfully. After training with him, the trainer and I still carry out special exercises. Because you can’t work only on defense, you need to maintain balance. I became calmer. Now I talk more with my coach and more openly discuss my tennis and my feelings with him and Gael.

Keys and I already played here in 2017, then I lost. I had to analyze what I did wrong then. I led in the third set, but suffered an extremely painful defeat. I learned a lot – not only for this match, but also with an eye to the future. You learn and experience pain at such matches, but at the same time it helps to add and understand how to cope with pressure, “the tour press service quotes Elina.

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