May 14, 2021

Elina Svitolina: I should not hurry

Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina commented on reaching the quarterfinals of Wimbledon.

“I think that first of all I played very well, showed reliable tennis. Petra started having difficulties at the start of the second set, this match required great physical strength. That is why it was a difficult match. Therefore, I had to remain strong mentally and simply fight. Today was a very high-quality match, I was moving very well, I was able to play well in the counterattack, I felt good.

It’s amazing that I reached the quarter finals. I always wanted to perform well here, but I couldn’t have done it before. In the same year I feel much better on the grass, I move well, I am happy that the injury does not bother me at last. I hope to be fresh and ready for my next match.

At this tournament, I started without any expectations, so now I’m in great anticipation of the quarter-finals. I would not want to put any pressure on myself. I know that I have never gone farther than the quarter-finals on the Helmets, but this is only a matter of time, I am still only 24 years old. I should not hurry, should not push myself hard, just play from match to match. Maybe just try to imagine that this is the first round.

What have I learned playing on the grass? That on this surface you need to be psychologically resistant, sometimes the balls are a bit skidding, so you need to play more actively. Sometimes it is difficult to get used to this, you just need to play the rally for the rally. I do not think much about what is happening on the court, because everything can change quickly. Here you win, and in the next moment the opponent intercepts the initiative.

Now I definitely feel much, much better. I am physically stronger and fresher, for the past few months I have had a bit of difficulty due to injury. Now, finally, I have the opportunity to play one hundred percent of my physical abilities, I can crush, I can show my best tennis, ”the Wimbledon press service quotes Elina.

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