April 19, 2021

Elina Svitolina: I know that I can compete and win the strongest

Ukrainian Elina Svitolina commented on her entry into the quarter finals of the Australian Open .

“Did the third game of the third set play a key role? I didn’t want to think about it, otherwise I would be upset if I were defeated. I tried to keep calm and pull out all the balls. It worked. I knew that I could show myself at the next game, so I focused on the game. I had a good pitch, I acted well at the reception and tried to constantly put pressure on the opponent.

I reached the quarter-finals because I showed a confident game from the very beginning of the tournament. It bore fruit. I always try to give my best 100%. Now I know that I can compete and win the strongest.

The final tournament in Singapore showed that I was able to win the most difficult matches. That victory gave me confidence. But I try to look only into the future. I want to win as many matches and titles as possible, ”the tournament press service quotes Svitolina.

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