May 9, 2021
elina svitolina

Elina Svitolina: I am glad that sport is developing in Ukraine

Ukrainian Elina Svitolina spoke about the development of tennis in her country.

“I am glad that sport is developing in Ukraine. Not everything is perfect, but we are moving in the right direction. For athletes, the main thing is? Of course, training. After all, by training, you learn to play and hone your skills.

When I started, we did not have normal training facilities, but I had a sponsor Yuri Sapronov, who created all the conditions for a full-fledged training process. And many were left without the opportunity to adequately develop their skills. Now that’s much better.

And the number of talented children makes me happy! That is why, together with my team, we are now preparing a number of projects for the implementation of young talents in Ukraine! On my personal example, I want to show and prove that hard work and self-discipline are a real value, how important it is to give all the best every day to 100%. Tennis is a sport that has created wonderful opportunities for me, and I want to do everything possible to open these opportunities for talented children, “JetSetter quoted Svitolina as saying.

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