May 11, 2021

Denis Shapovalov: I learn and adapt

Canadian tennis player Denis Shapovalov commented on entering the third round of the Australian Open.

– I am proud of what I am doing now. The fact that first came out in the third round of the Australian Open. This is a new level. But I do not want to stop there. I want to move on, fight the tops. The goal is to catch up with Novak, why not? Two years ago, I was just glad to be on the same court with him. Now I am thinking about how I will fight, how I will win sets, and maybe even matches. I meant it when I said that I had reached a new level. – How are you progressing?

– I do not look at others, because for everyone there is something different. Some have a strict gluten-free diet, which I will not pull. Just can not play. Before the match, I usually eat some pasta. Sometimes I made mistakes, then there were problems with the stomach. Need to learn and adapt. Now it seems to me that I know myself well. That is why I play so well in Melbourne. This season can be powerful.

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