June 24, 2021

Denis Shapovalov: Felix Auger and I are competing and motivating each other

Canadian Denis Shapovalov expressed an opinion about the young players in his country and the rivalry with Felix Auger.

“In Canada, an excellent generation of young tennis players. About ten people of 1999 and 2000 years of birth did amazing things in their childhood. The important point was that we all competed with each other. But only Auger and I have achieved real success. Compete with each other. While still a junior, he became the first, then I caught up with him. Then I won Junior Wimbledon, and he won the US Open. We motivate each other. I think this is good for us. On the one hand, we wish each other success. On the other hand, other people’s successes inspire us. In my opinion, such rivalry is very important, “Tennis World USA quotes Shapovalov as saying.

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