October 30, 2020

Denis Shapovalov: Federer’s words upset me

Canadian tennis player Denis Shapovalov appreciated the start of the season in his performance.

“After Europe, the team told me to take a break, but I replied that I would take a maximum of two days off, because I don’t want to stop now, I want to work on the game. There were several things at European tournaments that I wanted to fix. So we came here a week earlier , and the work that we have done manifested itself in two matches that I already played here. Before the tournament there was one training session with Milos: both of them would play very well, and then I thought that I was feeling my game, I start well again build pranks. Since then, showing good tennis.

By the way, I was so upset when Roger said that his children were beating with both hands . He is right that it is hard for a child to teach a one-handed backhand, especially a small one, when he doesn’t have so much strength yet, but on the whole it is a great punch, and everyone loves him, and he is also effective, ”Dennis quotes the Tennis Channel.

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