April 19, 2021

Dayana Yastremska: I will try to defeat Serena

Ukrainian tennis player Dayana Yastremska shared her expectations from the meeting with Serena Williams in Melbourne.

“When I was eight years old, I saw her playing the Australian Open. Serena was losing, I ran to my room and took the racket. I went back to the living room and played blows. I thought I was helping her win. She took one rally, then a game, then a set, and then a match. I shouted with her. When she won, it seemed to me that this was a common victory. Our victory. And then I thought that maybe I would play with her in a big stadium one day. this day will come tomorrow. Time flies so fast. I remember it from childhood, it’s a dream come true. I will try it on Play the, I will try to show their best game. And maybe then I’ll tell her the story.

Before the tournament I met her in the locker room. I simply said hello, said that she had a wonderful daughter, that I greatly respect her as a person and a player. She thanked me and said that I was very sweet. We had a nice chat. I didn’t know that I would play with her in the third round, but then I thought it was great. I will remember this moment forever. Of course, on the court, I will not think about it. I’ll just try to beat her, ”the Tour press service quotes Dayana.

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