April 21, 2021

Dayana Yastremska: I can not say that Serena Williams is my idol, but she is a true legend

Ukrainian Dayana Yastremska spoke about her playing style and idols in tennis.

“I can’t say that Serena Williams is my idol, but she’s a real legend. We met in Melbourne, I have something to learn from her. Since childhood, I have performed very powerful blows, because I am strong. That is my style, and I’m working on it. I have a diverse game, but it is the attacking manner that is most comfortable for me.

For example, Naomi Osaki has power and mind. She can act aggressively, but remain calm. She is a very worthy tennis player. If you are closer to an aggressive style of play, then you will stick to it. However, not everyone is capable of it, it depends on each individual player, “Yastremska said The Nation.

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