May 9, 2021

Daniil Medvedev: Sometimes emotions take over

Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev in an interview with the New York Times told about himself.

“In Rome, at the match against Kyrgios, he was simply upset. He was unhappy with his game and the way the match was shaped. He lost his serve in the third set, having made four unforced errors, and made a mistake while performing a shortened strike. It was not good. that moment I went berserk. Sometimes it is useful to throw out emotions. But all the time it cannot be this way. Sometimes emotions take over.

I work on myself psychologically on the court and beyond. Sometimes I need to behave better, but in tennis there are so many factors that can knock you out of a rut. It happens to everyone, even the strongest. There are, perhaps, only a few players who for 10 years can play without such problems. We all know these guys, not so many. Therefore, I work on stability in my game. This is the most difficult thing in tennis.

“Helmets” are very difficult competitions because they last two weeks. You need to play consistently and be strong physically. Meetings are held to win in three sets, and you can not lose your game, which sometimes happens. You need to get as much experience as possible, because there are only four such tournaments. It was not easy at first, because all the majors are different – from the atmosphere to the type of training. It was all new and unusual for me. It can knock out the usual rut, although the routine is important.

I began to better understand how to prepare for the Grand Slam tournaments. You need to be ready for anything. This year I performed quite well at the Australian Open. It helps to gain confidence. You begin to treat such tournaments as usual, although they are not. You try to convince yourself that you just need to win another victory. I hope one day I will reach the semifinals and win the title, ”Medvedev said.

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