May 12, 2021

Danielle Collins: I didn't know if I could go to the toilet.

American tennis player Danielle Collins commented on reaching the quarterfinals of the Australian Open.

Tell us about the match. Did you immediately see the chance? You could win, but we were expecting a little more from triple champion “Slams”.

– Yes, we watched her matches for a long time. I played with her last year, so I was familiar with her game. I had a clear action plan. From the very first draw, I showed her that I would not let me enter the game, that I would dictate the course of events. I kept the plan, and I obviously got it. The whole match went smoothly. I felt great.

We saw matches in which you ran and dragged more. Today you attacked.

– It seems to me that college coaches have successfully instilled in me a varied game. I can play in attack, in defense, I can do something in between. I can carry. I have good physical training, so I am confident in everything I do. Tactics are one of my strengths. I like to know what the opponent will do. I like to watch what different players do, so that in our matches there are no surprises for me.

-After the first set she left the court. You were smiling at that moment. Was it hard not to lose the rhythm?

– I was smiling at that moment because I was arguing with the judge about the new rules that you can take only one toilet break per game. I needed to go to the toilet, but I thought that maybe it was better to wait. So I asked questions: if I go to the toilet, because she took a break, would it be considered for my break. I tried to strategically plan when I urinate.

After returning, she began to respond louder to the points won. You are well shortened, shouted in response. How important is it?

– I’m militant. I like to turn a match into a war. If someone celebrates my unforced errors, I will answer without any problems, turning the match into a fight. I like it. My coach will tell you that in training I constantly pick him up. For me, this is normal.

Outside the court are you the same?

– Yes. You have not seen me play golf or bowling. Even in karaoke. I have a bad voice, but I always try to be the best. If it doesn’t work, I still tell myself that I am the best. You need to believe in yourself.

In college, you wrote the script for the film. What was he about? Who will play the main role?

– I did not choose actors and actresses. It’s funny, because the first option was not at all the same as the second. The first was about the schizophrenic catwoman, who lives in a car, and about all her adventures. But I thought that the teacher would not like it, that he was more interested in sports. So my script is based on the true story of a deaf NFL player. I wrote about his life.

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