April 23, 2021

Catherine Bellis: Doctors apologized for not having performed the operation right away.

American tennis player Catherine Bellis spoke about her condition.

“Two years ago, during a tournament in Mexico after a match with a powerful rival, I had both hands for about four days. I thought it was normal, and I just needed to cope with it somehow. Everyone said that it was just tendonitis. After , as I played the soil and the grass with pain, the doctors prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs that helped. I stopped drinking them before tournaments in Asia, believing that I had been sitting on them for too long. work. I had the best rating in my career and I wanted to igatsya further.

I started the 2018 season with Doha and Dubai. During the tournament in Dubai, I literally felt like my elbow had cracked. The time has come for Indian Wells, and problems with the wrist and elbow have reached a peak. I was bored with unqualified doctors, and I went to the Mayo Clinic to do the highest quality MRI. The doctor found three tears in the wrist, and it turned out that one of the bones of the wrist was too long, and this leads to tears and wedging. During the first operation, the surgeon simply figured out the tears, because he no longer saw wedging in. Soon after that, my elbow fell terribly sick. The doctor examined him and found that the two bone processes beat against each other every time I straighten my arm. And one of them cracked – I felt that in Dubai. The bone had to be cut. It was a simple operation, and I returned to the game, but the problems did not end. I had pain again because of “one of the most serious cases of wedging in.”

The doctor apologized for not having performed the operation right away, but now she could not do without it. They essentially cut the bone in half, shortened it and set the plate. This time it took me a long time to get back to training. And when I was on the court, something went wrong. After each workout, my arm swelled. We realized that the plate is too big and this causes inflammation. Last Monday, the plate pulled out. The hardest thing in all of this was that I was close to normal several times, but then something threw me back. I can’t take it anymore, but for me, tennis is everything. I would not go for it if it were not for the love of sport, ”Tennis World quotes Bellis.

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