April 17, 2021

Caroline Wozniacki: It was important for me for a while to forget about tennis

Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki in an interview with the press service of the Australian Open spoke about her preparations for the tournament.

– What is your condition in the competition?
– I think I spent enough time on rest. However, as is usually the case, on December 1, I resumed training on the court, and before that I worked in the gym.

Nevertheless, it was very important for me for some time not to think about tennis at all. I tried to listen to my body and relax as much as possible. So at the moment I feel great.

Does arthritis keep bothering you?
“Now I try to understand which things work and which do not. Constantly try some new methods. I spend a lot of time on massage, baths with ice and stretch marks. When it gets really hard, I give myself a rest.

– Can you determine when the disease originated?
“Probably a long time ago.” But then I thought that the whole thing was overwork. Only after I had inflammation, did I realize that the problem was much more serious.

– Do you have any tasks for the new season?
– I would not say. Of course, I still strive to win tournaments. I think I have a chance, but for this you need to demonstrate your best tennis.

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