May 12, 2021

Caroline Wozniacki: It was a normal match

Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki rated her start in Melbourne.

– Normal match. The rival was incredibly stable, in our past matches, there were no such long draws. And now I had to run a lot. I am also pleased with my game, especially on the pitch. Much nicer to win the match, which is not easy.

– Are you still running?

– Yes, although not marathon distance. It distracts me, so I often go jogging.

– Do you lose concentration on the court?

– Of course, like everyone. Especially when we change sides. The trainer scolded me, but now I got used to it and just to learn to acquire concentration. In New York, I have long looked at a woman with a beautiful bag. I couldn’t think of anything else. As a result, I did not buy the bag, because I did not find the same one.

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